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Well I am back to school from a nice mellow break, and I am exhausted!! It's only Wednesday! I guess I got used to sleeping in until 7:30 every morning. 

I have received lots of new followers over the past few days and I am completely amazed!! I received this Top Ten award from Laura over at Mrs. Castro's 2nd Grade...Spanglish Style.

Top 10 TBA

 Thank you so much!!  It is so nice to make great connections and have people stop by and check out my little blog.   I will pass this on to some deserving blogs when I get a bit more time:).

I am in the middle of report cards and trying to catch up with things that piled up over Spring Break!!  I just had to share a funny thing that happened today as I was teaching my math lesson.

 I wish I had a camera handy, but you will just have to get an idea from this borrowed photo.  Anyway as I was teaching, the kids all gasped and started pointing. I figured it was a bee.  We have these large black carpenter bees that fly through my classroom daily.   It doesn't really get too hot or too cold so we have louvres on our windows with no screens.  Critters, birds and insects crawl in through the windows all the time.  Well I saw movement out of the corner of my eye and it was a Cane Spider.  These are very large fast moving spiders that will jump if you spook them and of course this one was moving quickly across my whiteboard. ( Anyone ever see Arachnaphobia?)

Well I was so proud that I didn't jump, scream or run!! I backed up and said "It's fine he's just lost".  Well he decided to crawl right onto my diagram of the clock I had drawn and just sit there!!  The kids were waiting for me to freak out.  So I told them he had been watching my lesson and really wanted to learn about time too!! They thought this was hilarious.  Finally the little bugger ran off and hid behind one of my posters.  I think I earned a few brownie points from my students, especially my boys!!

Here's a link to learn more about these critters if your interested;)
So whenever you get jealous that I live in Hawaii remember the lovely guests that I encounter daily as I open up my closets, doors, books, boxes....


  1. Oh my gosh, that totally happens all of the time in my Florida classroom. I did a post about critters a few years ago. =) W is for Wildlife 
    Emily @ Second Grade Silliness 

  2. That's right, you guys get all kinds of little beasties too. I just saw a picture of a huge python along the side of the road and it said it was in Florida!!

  3. Corinna, your story reminds me of an experience I had when I taught in Texas. I was reading a story when one of my boys raised his hand. I told him to wait until the end of the story. The boy kept raising his hand. Finally, I said ___ why can't you wait until I finish the story. He said, "Mrs. D. there is a worm by me." I was wearing sandals and was going to kick the worm away from the boy when I noticed the worm didn't feel like a worm. I bent down close to it and noticed it was actually a baby snake. UGH! I moved my students to the other side of the room, got one of my rubbermaid containers and scooped it up and then called my principals. The next day when I opened the door to go out for recess, a scorpion went running across my foot that was in scandals. There were a lot of critters in Texas like Hawaii.



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