October Problem Solving

Aloha friends!  I cannot believe October is already upon us!!  This week I am on Fall Break.  The first quarter just flew by and now I am prepping for my favorite months ahead.

October is such a fun month with Fall activities and Halloween right around the corner. Each month I prep my Monthly Word Problems.

I created these a few years back to really push my kids critical thinking and to get them to think on a deeper level.  This is no easy task for second graders.

Each day we do one problem.  At the beginning of the year I projected them on the board and we did each step together.

I have these posters and the kids can refer to them as they need them.

It has taken the whole quarter to get my kids to do these independently.  I am so happy with their progress!!

I tell them how proud I am of them each day and I know they push themselves to try their best!

Have you tried these with your second graders?  Here is a freebie to see how well they will work for your classroom.

Let me know what you think.  Hopefully your students will become problem solving masters as well!

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