Creating Your Own Lesson Planner

Aloha friends! It's Back To School time for many of us and I'm sure you are thinking about organizing and planning for your classroom.

I have always been a very organized person and absolutely love making lists and buying planners. Over the years I have gotten tired of spending money on lesson planners that just didn't have everything I needed or they had way too much!!  Don't get me wrong I love looking at beautiful planners with lots of choices, but they were also WAY out of my budget!!

I'm a full time single mom of two teenage girls, and a teacher in Hawaii to boot.  Not a big income to draw from! So planners over the $20 range just don't fit in my budget.

A few years ago I decided to sit down and create my own lesson planner.  I thought about all the things I use daily and created what worked for me.

Each of my planners include pages to help organize my student and parent information, daily schedules, website logins, and year at a glance planning pages. There are also blank pages for adding in whatever you need.

I then created lesson planner pages in a variety of formats to suit most educators needs.
(These pages are from my Blushing Pink Planner)

Another important item in my planners is the grade book.  I like having my grade book included instead of having a whole separate book. 

Finally I decided my lesson planner also needed a monthly calendar to help me see what events, activities or holidays might be happening during the month or year.

Once I created the basic template I could then go through and add in my own details such as times of subjects and dates on my lesson planner pages.  Having the template in Powerpoint allows me to duplicate pages easily and print only what I need. 

Once I print I then laminate the front and back cover and take my planner to Office Max to have it spiral bound for only $3.00. Make sure to tell them what color binding you want or they will just give you black. The pages can also be slipped into a binder and you can add in what you need throughout the year.

If your looking for an economical way to have a beautiful or fun lesson planner, that is customized to your needs, then take a peek in my TpT shop at the variety of themes/templates that I have.  Once you purchase a planner from my TpT shop you will receive free yearly updates. If you don't see a theme that you like shoot me an email and I will add it to my list of ideas.

If you are a lesson planner junkie like me then you know how much a great planner can help prepare you for a great school year!  Whether you purchase or create your own planner I wish you a happy year back in school!


Back To School Freebie

Aloha my long lost friends!! I hope all of you are enjoying your summer.  I have enjoyed every single bit of mine!!

If you follow me on Instagram, then you know I have not been my usual blogging, crafty self.  I have been having tons of fun hanging with friends, going to the beach and eating out!!  I may have gained a few pounds, but it was so worth it.

This week I realized I only have one week before I officially have to begin school!! (Insert sad face here)

I'm a bit behind on the classroom set up, but I'm not too worried.  I start off the year with the same set up and change it as necessary once I meet my kiddos.

This coming week I am also going to be busy getting my back to school gifts ready for my teammates.  Each year I give everyone on my second grade team a personalized planner.

They are always appreciative and I really enjoy making them.  I have created some new designs this summer including an Ocean theme and a Bee theme. I will blog more about those later this week.

Each year I love giving a freebie planner to my blog followers.  This year I am offering my Blushing Pink planner.

You can grab this free version by subscribing to my emailing list.  I plan to have a monthly newsletter that includes a freebie to all of my subscribers, along with other goodies from time to time.

Just sign up and you will receive an email with your planner freebie.

Hopefully this cute little freebie will help get you excited to head back into the classroom along with keeping you organized all year!

Mahalo for stopping by.  I am off to have a little more fun before I have to be "officially" back to work!

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