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Aloha friends!! I hope you had a fabulous weekend of food, fun, family and friends.  I am still working off my Thanksgiving meal. All the leftovers aren't helping though!

Are you ready for the holidays in your classroom or in need of some seasonal resources? Teachers Pay Teachers is having their annual Cyber Monday and Tuesday Sale.  You can get up to 28% off on all of your purchases.

Just in time to grab some of these fun items.

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Good Luck and Happy Shopping!!!


November Crafts

Aloha!!!  The month of November is upon us and we have been having a great time with some simple but fun crafts.

We started the month with some colorful leaf drawings.  I was inspired by a Pinterest find from Art Projects For Kids.

I gave the kids some leaves to look at and we talked about the symmetry.  They sketched out their leaves and traced with a sharpie.

They filled in each section with a design using crayons.

Then they painted each a section a different color.  I let them use whatever colors they wanted to, so it was a bit brighter than your usual fall colors.  But I thought they turned out beautifully!

We also made some Thankful Turkeys.  The students traced a circle for the body, 4 feathers and they drew out the head and feet with some guidance from me.  They came out pretty cute as well.

This week we learned about the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag.  We read both articles in our Scholastic News showing what it was like in 1620 for both of them.

My students really loved the video on the Wampanoag way of life.  You could have heard a pin drop as they watched it.  So I decided to have them make a wetu. 

 1- 1 1/2 x 18 inch strip for the base
 4- 1x12 inch strips for the dome
 2-3 sheets of tan colored paper

Just glue all the pieces together to make the dome.  Then tear and paste the light colored paper in layers.

Once it is dry, use a brown crayon to draw lines for the bark. Don't forget to cut a hole for the door.

My class really did a great job with these and they are dying to take them home to share with their families.

I hope you are enjoying this crazy month with some fun activities of your own!  Tomorrow is our annual Turkey Trot and we are making No Bake Pumpkin Pie in the afternoon.  It should be an awesome day!

Mahalo for stopping by and I hope you and your loved ones have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!


Back In The Class

Aloha friends!  I am back to work and have officially been back for two whole weeks!  I'm not going to lie that first week back was tough! 5 full days of instruction without any specials and 7 year olds just coming back from summer.  I was thoroughly exhausted by the end of that first week!!

After a much needed weekend of doing absolutely nothing I headed into the second week refreshed. This week was much smoother and it actually seemed to fly by.  Here's a look at what we have been doing.

We created our Surf Buddies and they came out so cute!  You can grab this Freebie HERE.

We started learning about Timelines and created a fun Birthday Timeline along with this graphing activity.

We read the story "Have You Filled A Bucket Today" and created our bucket filler chart.

We also read the following books which I love for Back To School.

We ended this week with a fun art project.

This project was a lot of fun to make.  It came from HERE. My class really enjoyed learning some facts about the first Olympic games and sharing their favorite events.

I started this week with a clean desk and I am really hoping I can keep it this way for just a little while.  We'll see how long it lasts!!

Did you notice my new lesson planner?  I absolutely love it!

I think it suits me very well.  I just need to look at it to transport me to the beach in those stressful times! 

I have to say I was so busy that I didn't even think to take pictures of my classroom setup.  This week I will get it all together and share with you next week.

I hope you all had a fantastic week whether you were in the classroom or still on vacation! 


Back To School Sale

Aloha teacher friends!! Who's back in school already? Do you have all of your supplies?

Believe me at 2:15 pm I needed my chocolate!!!

Well I was back in class today and I had a great day. Only 18 kids and they were so cute. Seriously I wanted to take pictures of all of them and show everyone!

My first day back also coincided with TpT's Sitewide Back To School sale.  This is the sale event of the season! Up to 28% off of all items.  All of my planners and Back To School centers are at a huge discount, along with my bundles.

Here is a sneak peak at some of my newest and favorite items on sale.

I created this Watercolor Planner on a whim for my coworker and I just love the way it came out!

You can edit it to your choice of color and even add your own quote on the cover.

I also created this Ocean Themed planner to help transport you to the sea when you need to escape.

I also had a request for a Bumble Bee planner.  Here's what I created.

Don't forget to grab your Back To School Centers and Word Problems for 2nd Graders.

All of my Reading Wonders items are on sale as well.  

Don't forget about classroom decor and posters to get you ready for the year.

Class Rules

Solving Word Problems
Parts of Speech

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If you are back in class I wish you a fantastic school year.  If you are still on vacation, enjoy every minute!!

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