Five For Friday-What We Have Been Up To

Aloha Friday everyone!  Can I just say I am so glad it's Friday.  This week has been emotionally exhausting and I am in need of some relaxation and quiet time.

I am linking up with Kasey today to share some of the things we have been up to in class lately.

I wanted to make these cute flowers for Mother's Day and the vase so we started this week.  Today we got as far as making the stems and rolling the flowers.  We used 3x12 strips to make it easier than the original design on the Blog Post from DIY Heaven. Next week we will do a few more flowers and then glue them to the stems.

We just finished our unit of data and graphing.  I had the students collect their own data and create a picture graph.  They came out really cute!

Our Beach Bucks are in full swing and I often catch early finishers pulling out their money and counting how much they have.

Do you have those Early Finishers that you can never seem to keep up with?  I have a handful that are finished within seconds of me passing out assignments, especially during math.  The solution was to give them a project to keep them busy but having fun, especially now that the end of the year is quickly approaching.  I taught my class how to make paper chains and they are loving it.
Click {HERE} for instructions.

The strips of paper are 1x8 inches.  This little gal is trying to see how long she can make this by the end of the year.  So far it's taller than me!

Finally we made these adorable Name-Bows from Reagan Tunstall last 
week to brighten up the classroom.

I hope you had a lovely week and are enjoying spring weather along with the end of the year just around the corner. Head over to Kasey's blog to check out the other Five For Friday posts.


Earth Week and An Update

Aloha everyone!  Just a quick post to share a few things.  First up this week is Earth Week and we will be spending some time outside enjoying our beautiful island.

On Friday we made some really cute Earth Hugging Kids.

The students wrote three things that they had learned about protecting our natural resources.
Just click on any of the pictures to download the template to make them.

I ran across this video and just thought I would share.  It's just a few minutes, 
but truly shows what a beautiful and amazing world we live in.

I have had many requests recently to update my Cool Colors planner for the 2015-16 school year.

 It's all ready to roll for the new year.  Just download for the update.  I am also putting it on sale for the next few days if you want to grab your own copy.

It's been a busy weekend and I am truly exhausted!  I feel like I need another day to recover.

Hope you have a fabulous Earth Week!


Earth Day Every Day

Aloha friends!!  I am enjoying this gorgeous Saturday and getting ready to head out with my sweet girl who turned 11 yesterday!!

I love this picture for many reasons, but mainly the fact that I bought her a donut for her birthday and that we just walked across the street to take a picture.

We are so fortunate to live in such a beautiful place and I hope it remains a beautiful for many years to come.

Which brings me to the topic of our class this month.

We have been talking about and discussing our natural resources and why it is so important to protect them.  It is part of our social studies and science curriculum, but is so important for our little island home.

We started out by discussing and learning about natural resources.  

The kids knew a lot already, but many had no idea about cotton plants and how we use wool from sheep to make fabric and clothing.  We watched some cool videos about both.

Living here in Hawaii, we don't see certain crops or have large scale farming.  The kids thought it was pretty amazing that our clothes come from cotton and how the wool is used from the sheep.

This week we talked about pollution and started learning about the 3R's.  
These are some fun videos that my class really learned a lot from.

After the kids watched these videos we reviewed and they added more to their interactive notebooks.

Next week I would love to get outside and do some activities.
We are lucky to have a school garden.  Each year certain grade levels work in the garden and learn about local fruits and vegetables that we can grow here. 

Such a great way for students to see how they can 
help and use the environment in positive ways.

Yesterday right after school my daughter ran 
into my room carrying this little critter.

It's a Jackson Chameleon and from the size of it I am guessing it was just born!  He was so cute and literally looked and walked like a dinosaur.  She wanted to bring it home, but it seemed so tiny and I was afraid we might do it more harm than good.  So we walked down to the garden and found him a nice new home.

Right away his color changed and he seemed so much happier!  We set him on a plant and immediately his tongue shot out and he caught an insect.  My daughter and I were happy that we left him there. Hopefully when we head out to the garden next week we will find some other interesting critters and maybe even stumble across this cutie.

What fun activities do you have planned for Earth Day?  Does your whole school plan activities or are you just doing something in class?  I always love to hear what others plan on doing.

If you need a little extra you can check out my interactive notebook unit in my TpT shop.  

Mahalo for stopping by and I hope you have a great rest of your weekend!!


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Graphics courtesy of From The Pond

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