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Aloha friends!  I would like to start off by giving a HUGE Mahalo for all of the well wishes and nice comments.  I honestly teared up reading through all of your comments :)))

I picked a winner using a handy dandy number generator and the winner is:

Check your email Jill!!  Thank you again for stopping by and making it a wonderful year:)


Blogiversary Luau

Aloha friends!  As I was planning out some new posts I realized tomorrow February  25th is the 1 year anniversary of me starting my blog!!  I cannot believe it.  The year has gone by quickly and I have made so many fabulous bloggy friends and teacher friends around the globe.

I knew this day was coming and tried to think of something fantastic to do. But I have been under the weather and sometimes less is more!

With that being said I started this blog to share my ideas and give back to others.  I discovered blogs through Pinterest and filled my classroom with so many great ideas and freebies.  I decided for my Bloggy Birthday to make  a fun freebie.  It is much better to give than to receive!!

Recently I attended a Singapore Math workshop and received so many great ideas on how to rework my math time.  This is a little game that the instructor taught us and I think it is great on so many levels.

The object of the game is to get 5 coins in a row.
 You lay out the game board with all the 10 frames face up.
The first player selects 2 ten frames to add up to a sum on the board.
They cover their space with a game piece.

The next player can remove one card and replace it with a different card to make a new sum.
The green player just made a 10.  So the purple player took away the 2 and replaced it with a 4 to make  12.
The game continues until one person makes 5 in a row. Such a simple game, but they are adding and using higher level skills to think about how to make a certain sum to get their 5 in a row.

I played this with my daughter in 3rd grade and I was amazed to see what her thinking was.

I am looking forward to teaching my class how to play this game.  Just click on the picture above to grab it in my TpT store.

As another token of my gratitude for all of my wonderful followers and friends, I am giving away a $30 gift certificate to Amazon!  

All I ask is that you are a follower of my blog and leave me a comment below.  I will pick a winner on Wednesday!!

Finally everything in my TpT store is on sale today and tomorrow.

Mahalo for all of your wonderful comments, ideas and support over this past year.  I have learned so much and become a better teacher through this little blog.

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday


Five For Friday

Aloha friends! I hope your short week was a good one.  It's nice to sit down and reflect on my week and share out some of my pics.  I am hooking up with Kasey for her Five for Friday linky.

The week started off great with having Monday off!  I spent the morning surfing with some friends.

It was a bit windy and chilly, but any time I can get on my surfboard makes me happy.

I also had some time on Monday to finish some projects I have been working on.

I have been working on these for awhile.  I am very particular about what I think looks good, so it takes me a long time to get a collection together that I like.  

So with my new frames done, I was inspired to use them to create some new literacy centers for spring.
These are called Sunshine and Rainbows!! I have a thing for rainbows :)

On Thursday I woke up with a cold :(  It has been rainy and chilly which has not helped.
Yesterday and today the kids have been stuck inside for recess.

I took this as I was leaving today from my classroom.  You can't see the raindrops
but it was coming down.

The best part about today was that we had a school assembly this afternoon.  After being stuck inside all the day and not feeling well, I was happy to head to the cafeteria and be able to sit for an hour!

Tonight is our schools fundraiser which is an Art Auction at Waimea Valley.  It's always a fun event that raises lots of money for our school.  I am sad to miss it because I am sick.  But, the school got a preview of tonights entertainment.  

There were lots of artists who performed for the students.  It was really fun. So my last picture is really a video of my favorites, Jack Johnson and Paula Fuga:) It's not the best video, but I hope you enjoy it:)


Award Tag Winners

Aloha everyone!  I forgot to pick a winner yesterday for my new Award Tags.

The random number generator said #5

I just emailed you Ashley!!


Five for Friday

Aloha Friday!!  My favorite day of the week, not only because it's the weekend, but I am really lovin' sharing out my favorite pics from the week.  

Were you all super busy this week with all the holidays??  I didn't spend too much time on just one topic, we were all over the place this week.

We made these great heart mosaics, courtesy
of Kate from Second Grade Sparkle

The kids loved them!!

More chocolate than I know what to do with, but feeling so loved!!

My hubby had this waiting for me when I got home yesterday :)

Today I took the day off for some appointments. 
I had to go to the Dr. and my kitty had to go see the vet.

She had to get a haircut!! She is so fluffy and when she goes outside she gets full of stickers. Her poor belly gets all matted up.  The vet shaves her down every 6 months to help with grooming.  She is always grumpy when she comes home and she won't sit still long enough for me to take a picture, because she is so busy grooming herself.  The family always teases her and tells her not to go outside because the other cats will laugh at her!!

I am off to enjoy my 3 day weekend of laying around, surfing, and who knows what else!

Don't forget to link up with Kasey for her Five for Friday!


Holidays and a Giveaway

Aloha friends!! Are you all ready for the big day tomorrow?  I didn't go all out as we have been busy with Chinese New Year and President's Day! Whew, that's a lot of holidays and all in one week!!

Our school has a lot of fun for Chinese New Year.  We have a big parade and all of the classes create art and dress up.  We also have Traditional Chinese Music playing as the children parade down the fire lane.

All the parents come out and watch and cheer everyone on!

So with that big event out of the way, onto Valentine's Day!

I have made my little pencil tags and bought cute erasers for all my students. 

I also made a little tag to add to their award necklaces.

I blogged about my Tags this summer that I made for my kids.  Click here to take you to the post.

I made tags specifically for my class with lots of surf terms.  I have had several people ask me to list them in my store so I went to work and made tags that could be used in anyone's classroom. 

All you need to do is print them, laminate and hole punch.  You could use a piece of yarn, twine or plastic string if you didn't want to purchase the metal chains.

Here is a sneak peak...

I tried to include as many different subjects and items as possible, and I have different graphics for some of the same awards to give you more choices.  There are also grade specific tags for grade K-2

This is what they look like in my class.

This little person has earned quite a few of these tags!

My camera is not the best,  I took several pictures, but they just don't look as fantastic as they are, lol.

My kids love to get these awards! If you are interested in getting this set you can check them out in my TpT store.

I would love to give away a set of them for Valentine's Day!   Leave me a comment and I will pick a winner on Friday.  Don't forget your email, so I can contact you!

I would like to wish everyone a wonderful Valentine's Day.

  There is not a specific translation in Hawaiian but you could say:

 Hou'oli ka la aloha kakou 
which means 

Happy Day of Love and Aloha for us all!!


Five For Friday and A Freebie

Aloha Friday everyone!!  So happy it is Friday :))

I have had a busy week, and am really looking forward to a relaxing weekend.

I really enjoy reflecting back on the week in pictures, and am linking up with Kasey over at Doodle Bugs Teaching.

The week started with Super Bowl Sunday and I am not a football fan.  I actually don't even have cable TV so we don't watch television.  The family decided to go an a hike, but we wanted to go somewhere new.

We ended up hiking around the University of Hawaii.  It's on the other side of the island and thought it would be fun to inspire the girls to think about college.  We had some fun out on the football field since it was Superbowl Sunday.

In class this week we have been talking about Matter and we did the old baking soda and vinegar trick.

All I had at home was a little bit of apple cider vinegar.  I had the kids try to guess what the liquid was.

She guessed it!

In social studies we are working on Economics.  We worked on resources needed to produce a product.

Their charts came out really cute.

My last pic is one that I really love because last weekend they delivered my new couch! I have never had a new couch and I just love it!!  Actually the whole family does since we can all fit comfortably with room to spare! This is a before and after pic...out with the old and in with the new.

Since it is Friday I will leave you with a little Freebie.  I made these pencil toppers for my class for Valentine's Day.

You could also tape them to a pixie stick or Valentine Straw.  I have some cute heart pencils that I plan to use them for.  Don't you just love those cute graphics from Pink Cat Studio??  Click here to download these in Google Docs.

Freebie Fridays

I hope you had a Fab Friday and I look forward to checking out everyones pictures from the week.

The surf report says that there are supposed to be big waves this weekend, and I am one happy camper!

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