Five For Friday

Aloha Friday!  My favorite day of the week.  In the summer though after a few weeks I have to ask myself what day it is!

I am linking up with Doodle Bugs for her weekly linky.

This week I honestly didn't do much but lay around and have a really good time doing it, lol!

I did get in a longer run this week.  I have been going about 2 miles, and I pushed it a bit more on Wednesday.

I went shopping at Costco and found this.  Pour over ice and it's ready to go! That's perfect for me! I also grabbed a pineapple to make it a bit more tropical. (Plus the pineapples were on sale)

I finished my June Word Problems.  I know some of you teach summer school or are working until the end of June.  They are on sale today.

I have been enviously eyeing everyone purchasing their Erin Condren Teacher Planners.  I know she is having a 25% off sale.  The price is so high for me and I don't know if it will have exactly what I want. Then I read this great post by Miss Math Dork.  I loved her planner, so I decided that I would create my own as well.  

I needed to come up with my own color scheme, so I created these!

I am really excited about using these.  All the latest colors for summer.  There is also a set of grey, pinks and greens.  I might just create some classroom decor with these too.  If you like these you can grab them in my TpT store.

Can't wait to check out what everyone else has been up to.  Enjoy your weekend everyone!!


Workin' It Wednesday

Aloha friends!  It's the first Wednesday of my summer vacation and I am lovin' it! I don't know what came over my body, but it went into serious relaxation mode!  I have not wanted to do anything but play outside, sleep and read.  Blogging and creating have taken a nosedive!

I am so glad that I committed to my Workin' It Wednesday posts.  I have lots of fun ideas for the summer.  

This week I am going to share how I plan to stay in shape this summer.  Fortunately I stay in pretty decent shape all year long from surfing.  It is also bikini weather 24/7 so it motivates you just a bit more. But between working, kids and blogging, I have fallen off my workout wagon.

I wanted to be more disciplined this summer since I have the time, and I wanted to do more than just surf and call it a day.  I was planning on writing down all my workouts and recording what I was eating in a little journal, and then I remembered a great website I was using a few years back.

Some friends and I started using this to keep track of our diet and excercise.  It really makes you think about what you are eating and how much you are working out.  They have a great iPhone app that I can also access on my iPad.

You log in your daily food intake and your goals.  It gives you a report each day on how you are doing.  It looks like my biggest no no is my sugar intake!  I already know I eat too much sugar, but seeing it on here deters me from grabbing that last cookie, or piece of chocolate.

At the end of the day it reports how you did to your friends in your news feed.  I must say it can get a little time consuming logging in all the items you have eaten.  There is a feature where you can scan the label of your food item and it gives your the low down on the food. Pretty cool!

Another app I use is called Map My Run.  It helps you figure out how far you ran, and how many calories you burned.  

It is so handy and stores all of your previous routes once you log a new one in.  Just enter your info and it is super easy.  For both apps my feed automatically syncs with my Facebook account and posts on my Timeline.  My workout buddies can see what I have been doing and it motivates them to do more as well.

My user name for both of these apps is Alohamama2 if you are interested in joining my friend list for more encouragement :)

So how else have I been Workin' It?  My family and some friends went for a great hike on Memorial Day.  We hiked out to Kaena Point which is a beautiful spot about 15 minutes from our house.

If you have ever watched Lost this is where the first few episodes were filmed. (Where the plane crashed)

A friend of ours took us to some caves that are hidden on the side of the mountain.

It was a little creepy in there and I was a bit nervous.  Way in the back was a ladder that led to a different tunnel.  Everyone, except me, climbed up and crawled through the side of the mountain to another opening.  I don't know about you, but I get a little claustrophobic in dark, tiny spaces!

All in all it was a great hike.  It took us 4 hours from start to finish and we were all exhausted!

Oh, yeah!  Now I can eat that extra piece of chocolate!

I am really very fortunate to have such beautiful weather and scenery to keep me fit and healthy year round.  

One last thing that I have been Workin' On!  I finished my June Word Problems!  Thank you so much for all of the positive feedback on these. 

 I will have them on sale in my TpT store until June 1st.  I would also love to give away a few sets to my wonderful followers.  Leave me a comment below, anything about this post, along with your email.  I will pick three winners on Friday.

All right now it's your turn.  Link up here, or post on Instagram #workinitwednesday.  I can't wait to check out eveyones posts!


Last Day of School

Aloha friends!  Today was my last day of school and it went by very quickly.  I was so busy I didn't have much time to snap any pictures.  But this week we did a few fun things I thought I would share.

 Well my class has been saving those Beach Bucks and on Thursday I gave them some time to count out all that they had earned.  I loved watching all the different ways that they counted their totals.

Then we had our auction with all of these great prizes that parents sent throughout the quarter.

I made my co-worker gifts by adding a gift card to the back and attaching some yummy biscotti.

Today was a whirlwind and all through the day parents popped in to say Thank you and drop off these wonderful gifts.  I am loving that new beach bag and all the choices of gift cards.

I think many of you know how much I love naps.  I plan on taking full advantage of nap time this summer.


Workin' It Wednesday

Aloha everyone!! It's Wednesday with only today, tomorrow and a half day on Friday!!!  Whoo hoo!

I had a fantastic class this year and lots of fun blogging about it.  I have really loved all of the support from so many teachers and I hope my next group of kiddos is just as great!

After this week it will be time to wind down and start taking a bit more ME time!

So for a fun summer linky I plan on having a weekly link up called Workin' It Wednesday.

Working out is on the top of my list for summer activities, but it might get a little stale just posting our workouts.  I would love for you to share how you are Workin' It this summer.  It can include anything from workouts, new clothes or shoes. What your working on for school or TpT, or where you are headed for vacation.  Whatever way you "Work It" I would love for you to come link up! 

Even if you don't have a blog you can join on Instagram #workinitwednesday.

This week I was workin' it out in the ocean 

Workin' my new bikini

And workin' on my report cards (Pandora helps).

I know many of you are not out of school for awhile, but I plan to have this linky going on all summer! So get those cameras out and start Workin' It!!


Meet Two Of My Bloggy Friends-Get Aquainted Linky

Aloha everyone!  This is my first time linking up with Latoya for her fun Let's Get Aquainted Linky.  

This week she is asking us to share out about  two of our bloggy friends.  This one was hard to do because there are so many wonderful ladies who have helped me over the course of the year in my blogging ventures. 

Well first I would like to give a shout out to Miss T from Journey of a Substitute Teacher.  She has always been super supportive and gave me my first shout outs when I started blogging.  She has helped me make some great contacts and always has a kind word for everyone!

Did you know that she also has some mad skills when it comes to clip art?  If I am in need of any particular type or theme she is my go to gal!!  She has saved me hours of hunting!!  If you don't already follow her then you need to stop by and say "Aloha".

She also has this great freebie in her Teacher's Notebook store that you need to check out.

Next up is my good friend Patty over at 2nd In Line.  She has been a wonderful supporter of my blog since I started as well.  She is a second grade teacher in Michigan and has some great ideas!  She is always more than willing to share with me and she is just a super sweet lady!

Surf on over and check her out!

She also has a really cute freebie called Summer Reading With A Flashlight.  You can download it in her TpT store.

I know it's supposed to be two, but I just had to mention Barb over at Grade ONEderful.

She is a blogger in Canada and I love stopping by and reading all of her posts.  She is also a blog designer and has given my blog a facelift.  I plan on adding a bit more this summer and Barb is my go to gal. If you don't already follow her you should hop over and check her out.

I wish I could shout out each and everyone of the ladies who have been influential in my blogging, but I would be typing all night and I still have fill out my purchase orders for next year.  Stop by Latoya's blog and check out all the great links!


A Little More Than Five For Friday-May Day Edition

Aloha Friday!  Well by the time you read this it will most likely be Saturday or Sunday.  This week has been a crazy one at school getting ready for our May Day performance.  It was pretty late this year due to our state testing.

May Day in Hawaii is a tradition at many schools and our school makes a big deal out of it.  This year was no exception.  Most classes have been preparing for the last month.

The focus of May Day is to celebrate the Hawaiian culture through song and dance.  Our school adds more of a multicultural approach and different grade levels represent cultures all over the world.

Our class decided to do Waka Waka by Shakira this year.  We decided to go with a day glow warrior look.

 My colleague ordered bright shirts for each student.  The boys shirts we slashed up 80's style and the girls we cut off the top, made fringe and tied it on as a skirt.  We braided up all of their hair on Thursday, with the help of a few moms.

The big day and they are so excited.  They are watching the first graders carry their chairs to their spots as we set up.

Our staff and parents do an amazing job setting this up every year, and it always looks beautiful!

If you read my post last year you may remember that the 6th graders are the Royal Hawaiian Court.  They enter the stage first and watch all of the performances.  See my post from last year.

The first performance this year was a hula from the teachers.  I do not have a picture since I was dancing.  It was a very pretty hula and our Kumu Hula Aunty Faith is a fellow teacher.  She comes up with a hula for the staff each year.  This year after our Hula she had us dance to The Twist.  It was a lot of fun and always gets the kids and parents excited for the rest of the performances.  My class was thrilled when I came off stage.  Lots of hugs and cheers!  (A parent sent me this video if you would like to see part of it)  Teacher Hula  The Twist (I am in the front row left in the white and orange flowered dress)

Next up were the third grade classes.  This year they did a Bollywood number that was just beautiful and delightful.  They started with a Sun Salutation and a few yoga moves.

That's my daughter in the pink.  She was so excited to wear the sari, the bindi and have her hands all Henna'd up!

Kindergarten was next and they did the calypso number Shake Senora.  It was just adorable!!

First grade always rocks the house and they did a Maori Warrior routine.

The fifth graders did a medley of numbers from across the decades starting with the 70's.  My daughter got to wear an afro and sunglasses and for the first time she was excited about May Day. She is extremely shy and has never been in the front row for a May Day performance!  

They continued with Footloose, Can't Touch This, Pink-I'm Coming Out, Beyonce-All The Single Ladies.

These boys were too funny doing a rendition of Justin Bieber's Baby.

It ended with Gangnam Style and the whole school got up and danced!!

Finally our second grade classes came out.  Here are my little cuties dancing...

They worked so hard and it came out so cute!  The parents were thrilled and so proud to see all of their little guys performing out there.

Needless to say I am exhausted!!  I came home and hit the couch for a much needed nap!  I am so glad it is over and I only have 5 days of school left!!!  I plan on hitting the waves this weekend and taking a much needed break.  I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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