When I Was In 2nd Grade

Do you remember what it was like when you were in Second Grade??  I had to join Second Grade Sparkles fun linky and share what I looked like in 2nd grade.

I grew up in Colorado and went to school in Denver for the beginning of Second Grade and then we moved mid year out to the suburbs.  I know my mother has a class picture somewhere, but these are the only pics I have of myself at this age.

 Check out those awesome homeade 70's dresses that my mother sewed.  I learned all my sewing and crafty skills from her.  Love all those pleather chairs in the house too! My sis and I are 5 years apart, but we are really close.

I love this one because I can remember catching this fish and I was sooo excited.  I just adore that my little sis is there and just lookin' so stinkin' cute with those pigtails!

This is my new baby brother that I got for Christmas that year. Well, he came a bit earlier than Christmas.  Notice the pink foam rollers in the hair and the denim patch jumper with the ric-rac!

Here we are now all grown up! This is in Vegas last year for my sissy's 38th B-Day!!
I'm the one on the right;)

Head on over to link up your school year photos.  I can't wait to check them all out!!


Mahalo and Sensational Students

Aloha friends!  How is everyone feeling after the Cyber Shopping frenzy!!  I love shopping and when there are no crowds, it's even better!!  I bought some fabulous items on TpT that I can't wait to use in my classroom.  I plan to post all the fabulous goodies as soon as I get to use them!!

I just want to give a big Mahalo to all of you who purchased any of my items!  I am so appreciative of all of your support and the wonderful feedback that many of you left. I am truly honored that you chose my items and I love that teachers far and wide are using them in their classrooms!

I also wanted to thank all of you for the wonderful math ideas.  I was amazed by all of your responses and  ideas.  I am planning on implementing a Math Workshop next semester.  That will give me time to study up a bit more and read more blogs/books about it.  For now, I picked up some great supplemental items in the TpT sale to help me with my little math whiz!

I  wanted to share a little activity with you that I did this week in my class.  We have been working on parts of speech and the kids have nouns down pretty well, but adjectives are still giving them some trouble.

I decided to use our Writer's Workshop time to write some Acrostic Poems.  I started out simple and just decided to use our names.

We pulled out the Thesauruses  and Dictionaries and I let the kids get to work.

They loved looking through these and coming up with new words.

Many of my higher students found some great words and were so helpful to some that were
having a harder time finding words.

For those who were having trouble or writing words that didn't make sense I kept using this sentence
"Child's name" is so _____________.

So when they wrote down a word like "fire", I would say " Oh, Jeff you are so fire."

Of course they all giggle and then Jeff would go back and find a better describing word.

I was really happy with how well their poems came out!

I was so excited to get them all hung up and they were just as excited to share what they had written.

I honestly helped only a few students who were struggling with this activity.  The rest was all on their own, with the help of the dictionary or thesaurus.

I created the templates that they wrote their final copies on. There are 3 different templates.  If you would like them you can grab them in Google Docs.

I can't believe we only have 2 weeks left until our Winter Break!!  I need to get crackin' on our holiday gifts!!  What are you planning for gifts this year?  I would love to somehow incorporate these poems, but I haven't quite made up my mind!  Ideas are always welcome:)


Math Ideas Anyone??

Aloha friends!  I wanted to post today to ask for your help.  This year my classroom organization and management of many things has been fantastic.  I am loving my Daily 5,  Writer's Workshop has been wonderful and many other areas have just been flowing.  Then comes Math....

This year I have a student who is far and above all the rest of my students in this area.  He is literally finished with anything I give him in 5 minutes.  I teach a lesson, practice with the students, assign the task and BAM,  he is done!!  Little Sally doesn't even have her name on the paper and he is finished!  His "To Do Folder" is always empty, and no worksheet can hold him for more than a minute.  I have an iPad and computers, but I am not sure what to put on there for him.

So what I need to organize in my class is a Math Workshop, Math Tubs, something to meet his needs and all my other little guys.  I feel overwhelmed and I just don't know where to begin.  This is what I need from you.  What do you do in your class??  What resources should I check out first?  Books, websites, links to great Posts.  I know Debbie Diller has a book out and I love her, but it is sooo pricey!  Is it worth it??

I would love to hear all of your ideas and who or what I should google to help me get started.  My math time is definitely in need of a Makeover!!


Cyber Monday Sale

Aloha everyone!  Happy Wednesday before Thanksgiving!!  I am getting ready to head into the kitchen to start on my pies, but I got side tracked and decided I better do a quick post along with some of my other favorite bloggers.


Michelle is hosting this linky

I am really excited about this sale! I have lots of items on my wishlist and I will definitely be purchasing them!!  I will be having a sale in my store on all of my items!!

My Differentiated Spelling Lists

All of my Common Core Posters

My Number Sense Posters

Nocturnal Animals Unit

Some New Fun Frames

And hopefully a new Christmas Goodie

I will also have all of these on sale in my Teacher's Notebook Shop and my TN Clipart Shop this weekend starting on Saturday, if you just can't wait until Monday!!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Happy Shopping!!


Who's On Vacation?? Not Me :(

Are you one of those lucky people who gets this whole week off?? I am jealous.  I have the regular three days this week.  Wednesday doesn't really involve too much teaching though.  We have our annual Turkey Trot.  It's basically a field day with different activites at each station.  There are relay races and lots of silliness to keep everyone busy.  It ends with a 500 yard dash for each of the grade levels.  It's lots of fun and parents always come out to help with events and cheer the kids on. The kids look forward to it every year, especially because the prize for winning your race is a pumpkin pie!

Speaking of pumpkin pie are you cooking your Thanksgiving dinner?  If you have followed my blog for quite sometime then you know that I am not a one who likes to cook!  Don't get me wrong, I love Thanksgiving, but I rarely prepare anything besides dessert.  This year I am making a Haupia Pumpkin Pie.  Haupia is a coconut dessert that we eat a lot here.  I am basically adding coconut into the regular pumpkin pie mix, and then a layer of haupia on top.  I think it will be really yummy!

Ted's Bakery Haupia Pumpkin Pie

My hubby who loves to eat and luckily loves to cook with be doing everything else.  I guess that I better head to the store sometime this week and actually pick up all of the ingredients, lol!! 

I wish I had some exciting pictures or activities that I could share with you, but I have been terrible about remembering to take pics of my kids at school.  This month we have been working on fact and opinions.  We have been reading tons of non-fiction books about animals and finishing up our Nocturnal animals unit.  I also had a formal evaluation this week, so I wanted to do a lesson on Opinion Writing.  I searched for something to use with my kids, but I honestly could not find exactly what I was looking for.  So of course I created something.

I just wanted some templates and ideas to help my kids with writing their opinions and giving reasons for them.  I came across a website that suggested this book.

It is about a little boy who is trying to convince his mother that she should let him have an iguana.
This was perfect because I knew it would be a great attention getter for my boys as well as my girls and I already had it in my class library.  I read the story to the class, but did not read to the end.  We spent some time before hand discussing opinions, so they were ready to roll.   They wrote some really cute reasons why he should get the iguana, and there were lots who said he should not get it.  They were all really engaged and couldn't wait to share.  The lesson went really well and for the most part I forgot my principal was even in the room.
I wish all lessons went so smoothly!  Anywho I thought maybe others might be in need of some Opinion writing ideas so I put together a little pack to get you rolling.
If you think this might be helpful you can pick it up in my TpT store, but of course I will send it to the first three people to leave me a comment below along with their email.
If your not one of the first to comment, I have some other freebies for you :)  First is a little Turkey Glyph that I put together for my class this week.  It should keep them busy for a little while.

Just click on the pic to grab it in Google Docs.
I also have been doing some doodling and made some fun  frames.   I know it's a bit early for Christmas, but some of you are creating your Christmas goodies already, and I thought you might like to use these. All you need to do is plug them into a Word or Powerpoint Doc and you can make some cute little worksheets or newsletters.
Just click on the pic to grab these in my TpT store.
Classroom Freebies Manic Monday
I hope whether you are on vacation or not, that your week is a fabulous one, and that you are gearing up for your day of being Thankful!


Winner and Thankfulness

Well I have a winner of my random drawing to name my new surfboard. It's one of my favorite bloggy buddies  Traci from over at Dragonflies in First!  Traci gets to pick two items from my TpT store:)

Dragonflies in First

I had lots of people stop by and comment on a name for my new board and I loved so many of them.  It is really difficult to name something you really like!  Some of the names mentioned reminded me of kids I have had or people I know so that cancelled out quite a few!!

These are the ones that I liked the best.  Taffy, Bubbalicious and Lola. I'm weird  I know, but Candy reminded me of a girl I grew up with that I was not very fond of, lol!  Then yesterday one of my students came back from a trip to Santa Cruz.  His dad was judging a surf contest there so the whole family went. (What a life huh?) He brought me this. 

I think it was a sign!  So Taffy is my new board and I am very thankful for having her!


I thought it would be appropriate to link up with  Lyndsey at A Year of Many Firsts and tell about all the wonderful things I am thankful for.

The loves of my life, my two daughters

Our backyard chickens


Sweet Smiles

Friends who have beach houses 

My Significant Other

My Niece, Mom and Sister-All who live in Arizona:)

My Kitty Kat Hina

The gorgeous island I live on (and friends who take amazing pictures)

My great school, colleagues and kiddos.

And all of the amazing blogging buddies I have met over the course of my short 
blogging career.  I feel truly blessed and so happy that I can share and learn from all of you:)

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